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The 2016 Luminate OnlineTM Benchmark Report is here. This year's report is our 10th year of publication. Find detailed analysis and year-over-year comparison data on the performance of nonprofits using Luminate Online. Scroll down to find key takeaways from the report and to use our interactive benchmarking tool to see exactly how you stack up.
1 Year-over-year email list growth slowed down to 10% this past year, which may not be a bad thing. The ever-changing algorithms of ISPs are demanding increased quality, driving the trend for slimmer but more engaged lists.
2 Email is still gold, with each address worth $12.30 of online revenue in 2015. This value is bolstered by what looks like a shift of focus from quantity to quality.
3 This year’s report reflects the first full year since CASL (Canadian Anti-Spam Law) compliance required stricter email opt-in, and it appears Canadian organizations are rising to the challenge. Canadians saw 15% organic email growth and were among the highest performers for the percent of total email file that donates.
4 Healthy email appeal click rates suggest that organizations are creating strong content and targeting supporters effectively. Fundraising email click rates increased year over year 2.11%.
5 Total online revenue grew by 4.89% year over year, which although much healthier than overall giving, is modest compared to previous years. During the same time period, the Blackbaud Charitable Index (covering the full nonprofit sector) also shows slower growth, especially among larger organization sizes.
6 First-time giving decreased slightly year over year with 1.3% less revenue coming from first-time donors and the average first-time gift holding steady at $105.81—a 2.56% increase year over year. Disaster and international relief experienced a significant decline, seeing over 19% less revenue from first-time gifts year over year.
7 Relationships rule, and this year’s data continues a positive trend of strong repeat-giving performance, up 8.63% year over year.
8 Sustained giving FTW! Nonprofits are building a more stable and sustainable future by building a strong base of regular donors. This year, the double-digit growth continued, with sustained-giving revenue growing 14.26% year over year.
9 Advocacy organizations understandably had a busy year and showed strong results getting more constituents engaged in advocacy action, growing 6% year over year and getting more advocates to contribute financially, growing nearly 4% year over year.

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